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Parking Perfection 2 is the second game in the Parking Perfection series which features 4 games to date. Developed by MouseBreaker, one of the best creators of online casual games, Parking Perfection 2 features similar graphics with the first version but as the first level starts, you soon realize the game’s difficulty level has greatly increased.

The first level features tight corners and requires you to perform a parallel parking while making sure you don’t exceed the allocated time of 60 seconds because as soon as you do so, the game will be over.

Instead of parking your car, the second level requires you to get your car out of the parking lot from a difficult spot. The third level takes you to a parking lot filled with icy patches on the ground which makes parking difficult and slow.

The fourth level requires you to perform an U turn and park the car in the highlighted space across the road while paying attention to the passing traffic and this level proves to be very difficult. You will need to pass through levels 1-3 several times before being able to pass level 4 because once you fail to pass a level, you are back to level 1.

The fifth level is the last level of Parking Perfection 2 and to make the game-play more fun for you, we will let you discover what this final level has to offer by playing the game.

As with most games, you get the chance to submit your scores at the end and see how well you’ve done compared to others!

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2 votes, average: 5/5

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